January 8, 2024

The Art of Authenticity: 
Embracing Self-Confidence

Hi There Sister, and welcome to the swirling of thoughts...

Are you ready to step into your power and create an online presence that truly reflects the authentic, confident, and aligned individual that you are…? 

In today's ‘modern world,’ showing up as your genuine self in the virtual world is more important than ever. Whether you're running the operational homefront as the Mom- CEO, wearing the role of an Entrepreneur navigating through this landscape that is in a constant stage of evolving, blogging in little snippets of ‘free time’ and sharing your adventure experiences, or simply someone who wants to connect with others online, embracing self-confidence is the KEY to all of this.

First and foremost, it's essential to understand that creating an online presence is not about putting on a facade or pretending to be someone you're not. 

In fact, it's quite the opposite. 

People know if you’re running around on the highlight reel and humanity as a whole is looking and wanting much more than that; at least, I am hoping this- possibly you do, also…? 

Now, if you are inside the entrepreneur adventure that feels calm at 4:34 am, and by lunch feels like quitting all of the never-ending list of things- it is crucial to find an anchor to get into the grounds, so to speak-


Well, my love- building an authentic online presence is about embracing your unique qualities, sharing your story, and connecting with others in a meaningful way. 

When you exude self-assurance and authenticity, people are naturally drawn to you, like a magnet clear across the ocean waves, and your online presence- 

… becomes a reflection of your true Self. 

The inner essence, when you can feel someone’s SOUL is echoing…

This is what everyone is really craving…

So, how can you cultivate self-confidence and create an online presence that feels genuine and aligned with your values…? 

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Know yourself and your values
The first step to building a genuine online presence is to know yourself and your values, and by the way, this subscription can most certainly adjust along the way. Ie: the decisions you made at 17 may be a tad more, let’s say, different- than what they used to be back there. 🥴so, how does this apply today….? Take some time to reflect on who you are, what you stand for, and what you want to share with the world. What makes YOU unique…? What are your passions and interests…? What about your quirks, your charm, and the antidote of your sassiness…? Understanding your values will give you a solid foundation to build your online presence.

2. Be authentic
Authenticity is the key to creating a genuine online presence. Be real, be vulnerable, and share your true self with the world. People are drawn to authenticity; when you show up as your genuine self, you will naturally attract a community that wants to pour and reciprocate with one another. A place where people feel like they matter since the reality is- that some days navigating the world can feel like being upside down in a well, silently screaming with no sound. 

3. Embrace your imperfections
No one is perfect; we’re beautifully cracked. Let me share some medicine for you who might be facing a perfectionist line on a day-to-day basis- the imperfections of you are your fingerprints, your unique signature essence. Embrace your imperfections, and don't be afraid to share your struggles, the slips of failures, along with your successes. Being authentic means being vulnerable and showing up as your whole, imperfect, and perfect self.

4. Share your story
Your story is what makes you unique. Share your experiences, your journey, and the lessons you've learned along the way. Your story has the power to inspire and connect with others on a deeper level. No one has it all together, all the time, and every day. To be a human being and to experience living, you’ve been designed for the journey you were on, where you’re at today, and who knows if ‘tomorrow’ ever comes. 

5. Stand in your power
Confidence is attractive, and when you stand in your power, being in the state of influence for a greater cause that you may have no idea about right here, you exude a magnetic energy, sometimes even a little lighting can come from the clouds of you- EMBRACE it, all of it, the multiple shades of you. Believe in yourself, while the fears arrive, and trust a bit deeper in your abilities to see the bridge to the other side; and with this, others will believe in you too.

6. Connect with your audience
Building a genuine online presence is not just about sharing your own story, but also about connecting with your audience. Engage with the ones you love the most, DAILY; this is the priority before facing the jagged edges. Ask the community you’re called to lead and serve for their input and create a bubble where everyone feels welcomed, like your favorite celebrity who’s sitting in a cafe with you at a table for two.

7. Set boundaries
Finally, creating an online presence that feels aligned with your life also means setting boundaries. Know when to unplug, take time for self-care, and prioritize your well-being- mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Creating a healthy balance between your online and offline life is crucial for maintaining authenticity and alignment. 

AND- be sure to hold yourself to this. 

Because the ones that you LOVE…
.. is the why behind the multiple layers in all that you DO

And how come you sleep soundly when you close your eyes at night. 

Remember, creating an online presence that feels genuine and aligned with your values is a journey, not a destination- there are simply milestones to get when your VISION is focused on the horizon.

It's okay to evolve and grow as you navigate the digital world. 

Embrace self-confidence, authenticity, and vulnerability, and watch as your online presence shines with true brilliance. 

You have the power to create a digital footprint that leaves a positive impact on the world. 

So, Sister, hold our hands- 

stand tall, be true to yourself, and let your light shine brightly in the online world. 

You've got this!

Will be Seeing You Soon~
The Sigma Société